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Covert surveillance is the backbone to many successful investigations.

Next Chapter provides high quality video and/or still image evidence when required for matters involving:

  • Personal Injury Defence
  • Insurance Underwriter Support
  • WSIB Claim Verification
  • Infidelity
  • Employee Ethics and Work Day Activities
Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection

Next Chapter Private Investigators have decades of police experience in a criminal justice system with some of the strictest rules of evidence in the world.

Lawfully obtained, admissible evidence, is paramount in any court proceeding.

We have the experience and knowledge to collect and present the evidence required by our clients for success in their matters before the Court including:

  • Video
  • Photographic
  • Documentary
  • Contradictory Statements
  • Discreditable Conduct
  • DNA
Law Firm Support

Law Firm Support

With over 30 years of policing experience, we can provide counsel with the resources needed to locate and interview witnesses, serve documents on witnesses and respondents, review police procedure and disclosure or conduct surveillance.

  • Process Service
  • Witness Locating
  • Witness Interviews
  • Surveillance
Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues

Workplace distractions hurt productivity and profits. Next Chapter will provide your business or organization with objective, thorough investigations with respect to internal disruptions.

We can also provide complete, pre-employment background checks on prospective employees and their associates. Undercover operatives are also available for internal investigations within the workplace, if necessary.

Call us if you have concerns relating to:

  • Employee Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Internal Complaints
  • Employee Surveillance
  • Pre-employment Background Investigations
  • Non-Competition Agreement Violations
  • Internal Theft/Fraud
Locating Services

Locating Services

We provide a range of locating services to assist law firms, businesses and individuals.

We will do our best to provide our clients with current home and business addresses of persons being sought including:

  • Estate Beneficiaries
  • Debtors
  • Family Members
  • Witnesses (not enrolled in Witness Protection Programs)
Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships

If you have suspicions within a relationship, we can provide you with a discreet and strictly confidential background investigation of an individual.

Areas of concern may include:

  • Infidelity
  • Dating Relationships
  • Personal Safety
  • Background Checks
  • Verification of Identity
Family/Custody Matters

Family/Custody Matters

Family and custody disputes are in and of themselves difficult situations. Far too often, domestic arguments turn tragic.

Detecting custody order/agreement violations early can help avoid escalating resentment.

Next Chapter provides its clients with the support they require with respect to:

  • Spousal Support
  • Surveillance
  • Child Safety Concerns
  • Children's Aid Issues
  • Divorce and Separation Matters
  • Process Service
Lending Industry Support

Lending Industry Support

Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year to loan defaults and fraud. Venture capital lenders and equipment leasing companies need experienced investigators to thoroughly scrutinize high risk borrowers.

We don't only pay a visit to the site, we interview, explore, watch, examine and re-examine loan applicants and associated vendors and customers for tell-tale signs of fraudulent behaviour and criminal conduct.

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