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I have a custody agreement with my ex-spouse. Can I retain your services to determine whether our child custody agreement is being followed?

Yes. Covert surveillance can be conducted in public places such as parks or community centres; or in private places in which the public has access such as stores, shopping malls and entertainment venues. Surveillance of the outside of a dwelling including the yard to which there is a view from a public space is also possible. No video of photos may be taken of the inside of a private residence.

I suspect one of my employees is doing private business on company time. Can you help me justify his dismissal?

We can investigate your concerns and provide you with a complete and detailed report of our findings. Evidence collected may include covert video/photographic surveillance including day to day activities of the employee. Evidence is collected lawfully and with a view to have it admitted at a hearing or trial. The decision whether or not to terminate employment is yours and yours alone.

Can I use Next Chapter Investigations Inc. to collect a debt owed to my business?

No. Ontario law prohibits Private Investigators from acting as debt collectors. There are firms which specialize in debt collection and are authorized for this purpose.

My Alberta company offers lease financing to companies who need expensive equipment to operate. How can I mitigate our risk of lending potentially millions of dollars to fraudsters in Ontario?

Doing your due diligence is the only way of reducing your risk. We will investigate the applicant company's background, visit the business site, interview vendors, customers and company directors. If necessary, we will conduct surveillance to determine that the company is who they say they are so that you may make an informed decision on whether or not to extend credit.

What if want to find a debtor?

We can certainly help provide you with the latest address and or workplace of a person indebted to you. Next Chapter can also assist in process service on the person in support of a judicial proceeding. To ensure the integrity of our firm, individual clients without court orders will be requested to provide proof of genuine debt.

I just started dating a very nice person but I get the feeling that this person is married. Can you help me?

Yes. Next Chapter will conduct a complete, confidential background check on the individual in question including social media activity, employment, marital and family status.

I have a very sensitive issue I wish to discuss. Will it remain confidential?

Absolutely. We take our client's privacy very seriously. You may call or meet us for a private, no-obligation discussion about your situation. If we cannot provide a solution for your needs, we will certainly refer you to someone who can. Regardless, your information will not be disclosed without your expressed permission. Next Chapter Investigations Inc. will not, however, assist in or be party to an on-going criminal activity, or organization.

How much do you charge for your services?

That depends on what services you need. Generally speaking, Next Chapter Investigations Inc. charges an hourly rate usually below the industry standard. There are also usual charges for mileage and expenses. We value our clients and encourage them to return in the future by providing affordable, investigative solutions for individuals and organizations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns confidentially and without obligation.

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